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Part 1: Biographical Keys

Part 1: Biographical Keys

Developing individual awareness

The Foundation course in Holistic Biography Work has got you started on charting the facts of your life. There has been the opportunity to explore your individual life story in 7-year life phases. You have been able to create an overview using our Life Panorama Chart, and the River of Life drawing exercise.

In Part 1 of the 3-year Course in Holistic Biography Work, we take you through 3 Modules that will give you greater insight into who you are as an individual. You start with a cosmic perspective and explore the planetary influences affecting you. You look at aspects of your personality and explore which temperaments and soul types belong to you. You look at your individual ‘instrument’ and how this affects your communications, your conversations and your listening to others. You learn to recognise some of the karmic and destiny factors that play out in your life.

Each Module in Part 1 helps you add knowledge and insight to your picture and awareness of who you are as an individual.

Through lectures, reading, individual work and small group-work, you will learn to understand yourself and others better.