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Module 2-1: Individual and Community

Module 2-1: Individual and Community

Life encounters and relationships

Exploring the impact of people, places and situations

The Socialisation Module starts with a look at the formative early years when the family or group of origin is shaping the individual’s potential to relate and interact with others. We explore how relationships are formed and sustained, changed and dissolved. We consider the meaning of family experience, childhood and adolescent relationships, partnerships, friendships and collegial contacts.

In reviewing developmental themes and social attitudes, we aim to deepen your understanding of the difficulties and possibilities that can arise in human relating. We explore evolutionary-biological, socio-cultural, psychological-soul, and spiritual perspectives to look at femininity and masculinity as qualities and polarities and, how they influence human relationships. The family is seen as the primal experience and mould for the life-themes encounter and relationships, which are looked at through the window of Dependency – Independency – Interdependency. Further themes are love, partnership, marriage and their development and meaning.

We also introduce ideas on the developmental phases of relationships, which apply to couples, families, small groups and organisations.