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Module 3-3: Ways of Learning

Module 3-3: Ways of Learning

Learning for life, learning from life, initiation through life

Developing effective learning processes

Taking Coenraad van Houten’s research into Three Ways of Learning as a starting point, this Module focusses on Processes as a theme. Whenever we meet with a client, run a workshop, facilitate an exercise, prepare for a professional or family event, we create – consciously or unconsciously – processes in time.

Trainers and educators have discovered, for example, that some exercise processes work somehow ’naturally‘ and these respective exercises are used for a long time. Other exercises do not work well and are dropped, even if they were thoughtfully designed to serve a specific purpose. A Dutch organisation with its roots in Spiritual Science or Anthroposophy – the NPI, Nederlands Pedagogic Institute – started to research what constitutes a ‚good process‘ or a ‚good exercise‘ and discovered that good processes or exercises are related to an Archetype or a Being. In the 1970s Coenraad van Houten, a senior consultant at the NPI, discovered that Education and Transformation Processes work best, if they are based on a Seven-step process, i.e. the Destiny Learning Process of our training. He researched and linked the Seven Life Processes within the Etheric-Life Body of the human being with the Seven Learning Processes. The Seven Step Learning Processes are in coherence with the Archetype of the Seven Life Processes and that constitutes their success. Of course, there are also Archetypes behind ‚Three Step‘ or ‚Three Level‘ processes, or four or nine or twelve …

This Module provides tools, proven useful for teachers, trainers and consultants, for you to design effective learning processes. Knowledge about learning processes also helps you to better read and understand biographical and developmental patterns.