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Part 2: Encounter

Part 2: Encounter

Developing social awareness

Part 1 of the Training explores individual life journeys, typologies and the shadow of the individual, the Double.

Part 2 adds the realm of life encounters, explores difficult meetings, introduces the dynamics of challenging situations and gives many opportunities to implement the Helping Conversation tools. Working in Triads will be introduced as an exploration and learning modality.

Our main aims for Part 2 are –

  • Deepening the understanding of the Helping Conversation and Destiny Learning processes
  • Exploring the social and the transpersonal realm
  • Developing interpersonal and Helping Conversation skills
  • Recognising and better understanding interpersonal dynamics including their challenging aspects
  • Developing better process awareness and effective listening
  • Understanding process and goal orientation in distinction to content (facts) and interaction (feelings)
  • The importance of giving and receiving non-judgmental feedback.