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Module 3-2: Mental Health Crisis

Module 3-2: Mental Health Crisis

Biography Work in learning, coaching and therapeutic settings

Understanding the spiritual structure of human frailty

This workshop helps you better understand mental health phenomena. Through workshop presentations and by exploring your own life experiences, we cultivate an empathetic understanding of mental health issues in order to better accompany individuals carrying such phenomena as part of their biography. We discuss what defines Mental Illness and consider Caroline Myss‘ message of a possible healthy ‚Spiritual Madness‘, indicating a spiritual experience or a chaotic transition phase as a possible part of inner development.

Film documentaries are used to provide a shared experience on this topic.

We also raise the question of who and what decides or defines Mental Illness, and what might be the difference between a Psychotic Episode and a Spiritual Experience.

The workshop processes help you recognise when someone may be facing a mental health crisis, and whether they need referral for further support or intervention. Our aim is not treatment for serious mental health issues, as this is beyond the scope of Holistic Biography Work.

In this Module, there are more presentations or content than usual, but these will be interwoven with group-work and sharing in plenum. We will explore how any of us can be affected at different times in our lives by an inner crisis, leading to possible difficult and challenging experiences that may become the touchstone for change.