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Foundation Workshop

Take charge of your life

Apply the resources of Holistic Biography Work

The Foundation Workshop is a learning opportunity for anyone intending to ‚take charge‘ of their life’s journey. It offers a deeper understanding of the physical, social and mental developmental stages in one’s life.

This workshop is based on Holistic Biography Work ‚a guided tour‘ for self-reflection on your life story. You take stock by looking at your gifts, challenges and patterns from the past and how they appear in the present. Strengthening and deepening self-knowledge, this offers keys for future change and growth. By exploring how you learn from life you become more effective for life and the challenges you meet.

Participants take this and our other workshops for personal and professional development and it has proven to be especially beneficial for individuals working in social, therapeutic, educational and organisational settings, or for personal or professional development.

The workshop serves as the Foundation Seminar for any other Holistic Biography Work course and the 3-year training. This training provides skills and theory for offering Biographical Consultations or to blend biography work with other social, educational, therapeutic or consultancy professions.

Furthermore, the workshop is a practical and life-related Introduction into Anthroposophy.

Taking the personal aspects explored in the Foundation Module further into professional development, many therapists, teachers, facilitators and consultants find that seeing everyday experiences as part of a whole life-picture has resulted in a deeper understanding of layers and phases in life and opened new perspectives and approaches in their work.

Life Story Work contributes to resilience and health by strengthening the individual’s Sense of Coherence (Antonovsky, 1970), resulting from the ability to make sense of life, to interact with and be part of life events and to contribute meaningfully to life situations. Some just call it ‚to be in tune‘. From that perspective biography work helps to tune-in; to resonate with what is meant to be or to happen.

One of the fundamental parts of our teaching approach is to take each student through an in-depth process of remembering, reflecting and making sense of their own life journey. Taking charge of your own biography is the basic requirement for developing faculties within yourself to accompany others in similar processes of biography work in consultancy situations.