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Module 1-1: Typologies

Module 1-1: Typologies

Understanding Self and others

Explore temperaments, soul types, qualities, rhythms and cycles in life

The Foundation Workshop was about gaining a Biographical Overview mapped out in a matrix of nine seven-year phases known as ‚Septennials‘. You collected biographical data and created a Life Panorama Chart. The template allowed for mapping up to 12 Septennials. The method applied provided you with a static picture, an overview, a map of your life.

The aim of this Typologies Module is to gain a dynamic perspective by exploring Rhythms, Patterns and Themes derived from planetary influences and sometimes related to planetary cycles. This approach leads to a more dynamic biographical image and enables you to discover interconnections between life events and life phases. Planetary influences are also seen to be influential in the qualities we inherit.

Planetary Imprints or Gifts within Human Biographies

Following holistic guiding images, Life Story Work explores four gifts related to planetary influences:

1st Gift – Influences on each of the Life Phases

Each Septennial is related to a planetary influence. From an earthly perspective, each Septennial or Life phase opens a new organ of perception, new ways of perceiving and interacting with the world.

2nd Gift – Seven Soul Qualities or Soul Types

These colours or tones of your Soul become apparent with the birth of your Emotional or Astral body in the 3rd Septennial (14-21 life years).

3rd Gift – Processes in time or Patterns: duration, rhythm, repetition related to the Planetary Cycles

a) Duration – duration of a life-incident or period in relation to the length of a planetary cycle

b) Rhythms – rhythms (regular re-occurrences) are structuring time

c) Patterns – repetitions (irregular re-occurrences) can appear at any moment in life

4th Gift – Themes: talents, challenges, tasks – according to karmic laws

They might appear in topics, people or situations drawing your interest and calling forth involvement or rejection. They can become karmic keys and are the footprints of your Individuality. Spiritual science distinguishes Person (Persona) and Individuality. The Persona is how we appear in this life incarnated in a body with specific gifts, challenges and un- or half-conscious sense of direction, mission and purpose. In this context, Individuality can be described as the transpersonal, imperishable Higher Self, mentoring and guiding your early biography, and assisting in the later years.