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The Biography Log-book in English

See below for purchase of translations in Mandarin, Japanese, Hungarian, Hebrew, French and German.

The Biography Log-book provides resources for work on an individual biography or life story. It provides an opportunity to reflect on a personal life journey from a holistic perspective, in a systematic and creative way. Within the Log-book, there are useful questions, engaging activities, interesting pages of information and well-designed Charts.

The Biography Log-book was created by Karl-Heinz Finke and Laura Summerfield.

Use the Log-book to summarise your own or another person’s life story. Share a life story with family members. Create a legacy item for a family. Reflect on your own life. Use with family members, adult students, clients, patients, etc.

Useful Charts are included within the Log-book – Septennial Charts and the Life Panorama Chart.
The Life Panorama Chart as an interactive version is also available separately as a free download from our Library. See details below.

Biography interactive Log-book in English

25.00 €, eBook, interactive, 80 pages, full colour, A4 landscape (29,7×21 cm), emailed as PDF file, 18 MB size, ready for printing, suitable for binding.
The third edition is of the Log-book is interactive; add text directly into the Log-book before saving/printing. It is personalised: we add the birth date, and significant dates are calculated. Data added to Septennial Charts (or 7-year life phase charts) is automatically added to a Life Panorama Chart and ready to edit.
ISBN: 978-0-6485755-7-3 3rd Edition  ●  © Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield

Order: mail@holisticbiographywork.com

Biography Log-book printed in English

25.00 €, 80 pages, full colour, A4 landscape (29,7×21 cm), ring binding. Single copy including International postage 45.00 €. Quotes for multiple copies.
ISBN: 978-0-6485755-1-1 2nd Edition printed   ●  © Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield
Due to ongoing demand, printed copies of the eBook version (not personalised) are available, and are posted world-wide.

Order: mail@holisticbiographywork.com

If you are working with the Log-book and would like some individual support, have a look at our Tutors List.

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eLog-Book EN frontpage
eLog-Book EN frontpage

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When the Biography Log-book is ordered directly from us:  mail@HolisticBiographyWork.com.
We will clarify your order and send you a PayPal invoice for payment (in any currency).
We email your Log-book after payment is received.
Or we post your print edition. Please be aware that postage, including International postage, is slower at present due to the pandemic.

The Biography Logbook in other Languages

Biography Log-book  ●  Print edition in Mandarin

生命傳記— —

作者:卡爾-漢斯.芬克(Karl-Heinz Finke)● 桑默菲爾德(Laura Summerfield)● 翻譯:陳脩平

定價:新台幣 600元 ● 訂購請洽 ● Facebook-Page: 三元生活實踐社
E-Mail: threefoldlivingstudio@gmail.com

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Log-book in Mandarin

Biography Log-book  ●  eBook and Print edition in Japanese


(著者)カールハインツ・フィンケ ローラ・サマーフィールド (訳者)内村真澄
(仕様)eBook 80ページ フルカラー A4横長(29.7×21㎝)PDFファイル データサイズ3MB
ISBN: 978-0-6485755-5-9  ●  © Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield
eBook版は15ユーロ、 印刷版は40 ユーロ(国際郵便料金含)
ご注文はこちらのメールへ: mail@holisticbiographywork.com

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eLog-book Japanese

Biography Log-book  ●  Print edition in Hungarian

Biográfiai útinapló

The Biography Log-book has been translated into Hungarian, and is available as a print edition.

See: https://biográfia.hu/biografiai-utinaplo/

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eLog-book Hungarian

Biography Log-book  ●  Print edition in Hebrew


ביוגרפי/ת וכן עבור כל אדם הנמצא בתהליך התפתחות נפשית-רוחנית ומעוניין להבין לעומק את סיפור חייו.

בתוך יומן-ביוגרפי זה תמצאו שאלות מועילות, פעילויות מרתקות ומידע מעניין, שיעזרו לכם לכתוב את עובדות חייכם, ואז לחשוב עליהן ועל ההתנסויות שלכם. היומן הביוגרפי כולל מפת – חיים פנורמית מקיפה. כאשר תעבדו עם היומן, תוכלו להשתמש במפה הפנורמית הזו לסיכום חייכם ולחשיבה על היכולות המתפתחות שלכם – בגוף, נפש ורוח.

זכויות בלעדיות לתרגום בעברית להוצאת ‘כחותם’. 

להזמנה לחצו כאן ●  מחיר: 180 ש“ח

מחבר: קרל היינץ. תרגום: אורנה בן דור

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eLog-book Hebrew

Biography Log-book  ●  eBook in French

Carnet de Route Biographique

Translated into French by Alain Folqué.

eBook,15 Euros, emailed as PDF.
ISBN: 978-0-6485-755-4-2.

Orders: mail@holisticbiographywork.com

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elog-book French

Biography Log-book  ●  eBook in German

Biografie Log-Buch

Translated by Silvia Maschek and Karl-Heinz Finke.

eBook, 15 Euros, emailed as PDF  ●  Erscheinungstermin: 01.12.2020
Print edition, 45 Euros includes International postage.
ISBN: 978-0-6485-755-6-6

Bestellungen: mail@holisticbiographywork.com

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eLog-Book German

Holistic Biography Work

Life Panorama Chart

The Life Panorama Chart summarises and records the incidents and experiences of a life in 7-year phases or Septennials.
The Chart consists of 4 separate pages, each page containing 21 years or 3 Septennials. It is in full colour.
When you add a Date of Birth, an algorithm correlates the Life Years and the Calendar years of a life journey. Specific dates for Lunar Nodes, and Jupiter and Saturn cycles are added.

It is a very useful resource for anyone working on a life story, and especially for Consultants, Trainers and Students in Biography Work.

It is available as a free download from our Library.

If you find this Panorama Chart useful, consider making a donation (2 or 5 Euros) via our PayPal account: PayPal.Me . Thank you.

NB: The Life Panorama Chart may be copied and freely shared within certain conditions under its Creative Commons licence – CC BY-NC-ND. (It must be attributed to us; commercial use is prohibited; adaptations cannot be shared).

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Panorama Chart interactive
Panorama Chart