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Module 2-2: Meeting Conflict

Module 2-2: Meeting Conflict

Polarity and diversity as a developmental challenge

Understanding the forces influencing conflicts

In the Conflict Module we explore the potential for self-development in the challenging encounters with other people.

Typical incidents out of personal experience are explored to find individual patterns and personal styles of action and reaction in conflict situations.

We also look at constructive and destructive forces influencing conflict situations, the dynamics and escalation of conflicts, and how it can be insightful to consider the conflict partner’s perspective.

The Module encompasses experiential work and group dynamics as a learning element.

The Seven Step Learning and Transformation Process – introduced in the Destiny Learning module – is reintroduced, deepened and applied. The starting points are individual conflict situations. You are asked to bring notes about small conflicts that have happened to you and which can be used as learning material during the course.

Fundamental ideas for this workshop have been derived from Friedrich Glasl’s book Confronting Conflict, Rudolf Steiner’s indications regarding Spiritual and Subterranean Hierarchies and Carl Gustav Jung’s work on the Shadow.