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Module 1-3: Destiny Learning

Module 1-3: Destiny Learning

Learning from life

Identifying karmic keys and destiny events

The Destiny Learning Module pursues questions of destiny, revealing how the Double or Shadow can be understood as a Destiny Signpost and helper. The exploration starts with individual examples of repeated unsuccessful patterns in your life (where usually we want to repeat only what works well for us). For a smooth beginning it is crucial that you come prepared with some notes on such patterns you have discovered reflecting on life incidents. It is not at all required that you already understand your patterns, see how they match the process or how they can be resolved. Just well observed and noted down phenomena are a very good starting point.

Beginning with Observing the phenomena, we follow a Seven Step Transformative Process that encourages an empathetic viewing of how you meet challenging events in your own characteristic ways. Blind Spots can become more conscious and learning opportunities can be taken up where previously you may have experienced only an obstacle.

During this workshop we will learn to use a Meta-level of process awareness. We will explore processes and foundations of adult education as introduced by Coenraad van Houten. This will be compared with the more recent work offered be Otto Scharmer.

This workshop was originally researched and developed by Coenraad van Houten who also coined the term Destiny Learning. As an adult educator, he saw formal learning processes happening in schools and universities as Learning for Life and Destiny Learning as Learning from Life, if we are ready to take ourselves on as a Life Learner. In this context Karma or Destiny is seen as part of everyday life and a spiritual reality. This theme will be explored through workshop content, supportive small group work and by creating imaginative pictures.