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Our Courses in Taiwan

Holistic Biography Work Training in Changhua and Yilan


The first 3-year Course in Holistic Biography Work in Taiwan is running from January 2020 to May 2022 under the auspices of the Taiwan Anthroposophical Medicine and Health Care Platform (TAMHCP).

Over these 3 years, 2 groups of participants in 2 different locations will complete the 9 modules of the Training Program. Some will go on to become Biography Consultants. Some will be more informed about both Biography Work and Anthroposophy, and use it within their work. Many participants are connected to Waldorf Schools in Taiwan. A few will have the opportunity to become Trainers of this course themselves by being mentored during the second Training cycle.

The Modules are currently offered online, and their ongoing success is due to the hard work and dedication of the Biography Team in Taiwan.

Courses in Taiwan are sponsored by:
Taiwan Anthroposophical Medicine and Health Care Platform (TAMHCP)


The Biography Work Team, TAMHCP
Mei-Chi Hsu, epifania1219@gmail.com
Sophie Wu, sophie.wonder@gmail.com

Individual Support

Please see our list of accredited Tutors for individual assistance.

Biography Log-book in Mandarin

The Biography Log-book is the resource developed to assist participants in our Introductory and Foundation courses. This book is also available in Mandarin.
See details below.

Log-book in use

The Biography Log-book is available in Mandarin.

生命傳記— —


作者:卡爾-漢斯.芬克(Karl-Heinz Finke)、
蘿拉:桑默菲爾德(Laura Summerfield)

Log-book in Mandarin

定價:新台幣 600元
Facebook-Page: 三元生活實踐社
E-Mail: threefoldlivingstudio@gmail.com


In 2019, our colleague, Marah Evans, was asked if it would be possible to conduct a Biography Training in Taiwan. Marah approached Karl-Heinz Finke to organise this training.

We started by running 4 Foundation workshops in Biography Work in 2 locations – Yilan and Changhua.

It was immediately clear that there was strong interest in the 3-year Course in Holistic Biography Work in both locations. Therefore in 2020, the 3-year Training Progam in Holistic Biography Work commenced in both locations.

Courses are being provided online while the global pandemic continues. This has allowed for some flexibility in offering modules and training sessions.

Parts 1 to 3

All training modules are scheduled for 5 days.

All modules include Preparatory Reading and Training Components:

  • Project description
  • Project presentation
  • Peer Inter-vision

2020 – Part 1: Biographical Keys

Developing individual awareness

Annual Project
Biographical Interview

  • Module 1-1
    January 2020
  • Module 1-2
    The Helping Conversation
    January 2020
  • Module 1-3
    Life Encounters and Relationships
    May & August 2020

2020-2021 – Part 2: Encounters

Developing social awareness

Annual Project
Biographical Analysis

  • Module 2-1
    Trials and Thresholds
    October/November 2020
  • Module 2-2
    Destiny Learning
    January/February 2021
  • Module 2-3
    Mental Health Crisis
    April 2021

2021-2022 – Part 3: Guidance and Self-guidance

Developing spiritual awareness

Annual Project
Biographical Study

  • Module 3-1
    Mission & Meaning
    October/November 2021
  • Module 3-2
    Meeting Conflict
    January/February 2022
  • Module 3-3
    3 Ways of Learning
    April/May 2022