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Training, Life Story Work 3/3

Biography Workshops & Training – AU Part 3

Module 3-1: Mission and Meaning – Life as a Developmental Journey
The Self in Search for Meaning – Cult, Religion, Spirituality
Spirituality is part of the ‘here and now’, not otherworldly, pre-birth or after life. Images taken from world myths and fairy tales – including contemporary movies – suggest that the development of our ‘silent self’ is nourished by a ‘water of life‘ which can be found as a hidden fountain within the ‘ordinary world’. Exploring our biographies we trace life-giving, life-supporting and life-changing influences, and learn how to call on them more consciously. – We also reflect and share about meaningful texts and practices from the variety of backgrounds represented between us. This includes poetry, verses, meditations, prayers and guidelines for inner work or dynamic meditations. Hopefully we will share a rich variety from many different backgrounds and indications for very different purposes – from Anthroposophy via Dervish Dances to Zen Meditation. After the workshop we might return with heads, hearts and hands full of ‘spiritual gems’ collected and shared between us.

Please note
Module 1-1 consists of (1) distance learning material, (2) a weekend residential workshop plus (3) a training component for trainees doing the training programme.
You can participate just on the workshop without doing the training.
Training component, for trainees only: Fri dd/04/2020 (10am–5pm)