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Training, Life Story Work 1/3

Biography Workshops & Training – AU Part 1

Module 1-1: Typologies – Themes and Patterns in Life
Temperament, Soul Type, Qualities, Rhythms and Cycles in Life
Two archetypes are guiding images for this workshop: The four-fold archetype of the Temperaments which are, for example related to the elements earth, water, fire and air and the seven-fold archetype of those seven planets visible to the naked eye.
Seven Qualities and Rhythms, derived from the archetypal image of the seven Planets are introduced as windows for creatively exploring events, cycles and qualities in human biography and personality. The Seven Soul Types each give a distinct soul colouring which influences us in the way we meet people and situations. Insights into the Four Temperaments help us to understand habitual patterns. The way our Temperament and Soul Type interrelate, affects many aspects of our lives including our inner balance. Other typologies i.e. MBTI, DISC and Jungian typologies will be introduced and compared to complement the seven and fourfold image.

Please note
Module 1-1 consists of (1) distance learning material, (2) a weekend residential workshop plus (3) a training component for trainees doing the training programme.
You can participate just on the workshop without doing the training.
Training component, for trainees only: Fri 27/04/2018 (10am-5pm)